Since 1969

Since settling in London in the early 60's, our father had an idea of running his own Indian Tandoori Restaurant and decided to pick Wood Green as his choice and location to settle. Indian cooking has been a popular dish for the British and alike and has grown and grown attracting many people from far and wide.

The dishes themselves have not really evolved that much over the years but as time changes we had to change with it. We introduced more dishes to the table. changed the decor but kept the old Paramount tradition.

After my father’s passing, the business was handed down to both his sons to carry on the family business. We have worked hard to make Paramount what is today and to keep his memory alive.





Our Food

We at paramount Tandoori always aim to give that authentic Asian cooking taste and aroma by making and preparing our dishes using original traditional methods. Tandoori is a style of food named for the Tandoor that it is cooked in. The combination of meats and spices cooked over a fire is hard to beat.

We have always aimed to support the local wholesalers when it comes to fruits, vegetables, fish and meats and only use the freshest ingredients. We also use the best premium spices from local wholesalers in the borough not only to make our dishes delicious but also to support local businesses. Our Kitchen is kept to the highest standards with a 5 star rating from the Health & Safety governing body.

Moynul Miah